Scorpion Martial Arts Academy now at Needham Gym

Personal growth through the Martial Arts’

The scorpion academy teaches classes in universal karate, kickboxing and muay thai. Separate classes are held for juniors and seniors and the emphasis is not only on learning the physical aspects but also the mental and spiritual side as well.

Universal karate is a very fast paced style that includes throws and takedowns, sparring, kata (patterns) self-defence and weapons.

Kickboxing will get you super fit with high charged workouts and plenty of sparring. You can grade up to black belt level with plenty of hard work and take part in competitions if you want to or just come along and train to get confident and make new friends.

Muay thai is the indigenous martial art of Thailand. It is a very exciting art which will get you fighting fit and very confident due to its hard core training and fighting techniques.

The scorpion academy was started in 1993 and its chief coach is Mark J. R. Trent who holds the grade of seventh degree black belt in Karate, Tae-kwon-do, and Kickboxing and holds his teaching licence in Muay Thai.  Mark started training way back in 1979 and has trained ever since, he takes great pride in being able to pass on his knowledge and has over the years trained thousands of junior and seniors.

 The scorpion academy has grown into a martial arts training centre of excellence and takes great pride in the high standard of teaching and education it has to offer.

Please contact Mark J. R. Trent on 07708 644162 for further details.